Eugene Welker  – Flavorist

Eugene has long held a deep fascination with making his meals taste better.  In grade school he quickly discovered diluting his lunch with rice made everything taste better. This realization that rice always made other foods taste better eventually drove him to study Food Science at his university where he had been experimenting with maximizing gluten content with lye water in his noodles.  Throughout his university years he would spend hours trying different combinations of moisture, heat, ingredients, and time on his fermentation projects.  From basic ferments such as yoghurt to alternative miso pastes, he would try to edit the flavor of his food in whatever ways he could.

At Sensapure, Eugene works on customer projects to create and modify flavor systems to meet customer requests. On the side, he confesses that with Sensapure Flavor Lab resources, his current flavor synthesis project is a dream, to create, “Sunset Superman,”  a never before thought of blend of tomato (still in development), deep fried banana (which needs some work from liquid to spray dry still), and blue raspberry (because blueberries are already in every fruit blend), to have potential as the next trend in fruit punch.

Perrin Gerber  – Director Product Development

Perrin graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology and a minor in Chemistry. Even back in high school, Perrin was obsessed with the idea that he could build his own nutritional supplement products with specific benefits and flavor profiles. And yes, in eight grade he also perfected the ideal “Snow Cone Suicide Mix” of flavors while working at the local Shaved Ice Shack. Perrin leads the Applications Lab team at Sensapure Flavors where they work with customers’ proprietary active ingredient bases to develop custom flavor systems for each product. Perrin has over five years of experience in product development and flavor applications. He is constantly seeking new and innovate flavor ingredients, technologies, and processes to create value for his customers. Prior to his position at Sensapure, Perrin worked with other brands and manufacturers formulating and flavoring a wide variety of beverage, supplement and nutrition products that are currently in the market today.

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Minh Nguyen – Flavor Chemist

Minh was born in Hochiminh City, Vietnam and came to the US as high school exchange student.  After completing his Bachelor of Science and Master’s degrees in chemistry at Idaho State University and University of Utah respectively, he looked for a career where he would be able to create new products and solutions that involved chemistry and creativity. Lucky for us at Sensapure that he stumbled upon the world of flavors.

Minh brings his deep understanding of chemistry and compounding to flavors when he began his career as flavor apprentice, a rare opportunity for a recent college graduate at the time. At Sensapure, Minh has been mentored and taught by world-class flavor chemists and is actively pursuing his certification in The Society of Flavor Chemists (an elite group that requires a seven-year apprenticeship and mastery of hundreds of different flavor chemicals, extracts and oils.) In addition to his training program, Minh manages the lab schedule and project workflow while solving flavoring challenges for our customers.

Yuhao Tian, PhD – Analytical Flavor Chemist

Dr. Tian leads the analytical chemistry efforts at Sensapure Flavors. With a doctorate from Washington State University and a Master degree in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore – and several publication relating to the use of gas chromatography/mass spectrometric (GC/MS) methods; Yuhao brings analytical expertise to the Sensapure team. His 10 years of experience running GC/MS methods allow him to “see inside” existing products, flavor and sweetener systems; to determine the specific chemical formulas in use. Useful for flavor matching projects as well as identifying compounds that may be causing issues in finished formulas, Dr. Tian’s expertise allows Sensapure to identify with precision the make up of natural and artificial flavor systems to re-engineer them as needed.

Doug Gledhill is a certified flavor chemist and member of The Society of Flavor Chemists. With 30+ years of experience in the flavor industry, Doug’s expertise includes specializations in beverage, sweet, savory, and pet food flavors. Doug owns several patents for flavored products and has a publication with the Society of Flavor Chemists. He is skilled in flavor compounding, sensory analysis, Maillard reaction flavors, spray drying, protein hydrolysis, product development, R&D stage gate, Six Sigma, Lean, QA/QC, and DOE/modelling (Design of Experiments).

At Sensapure Flavors, Doug is responsible for our Flavor Chemist training program, the creation of new flavor formulations, and leading our team of chemists and flavorists. Prior to working with Sensapure, Doug worked for Procter & Gamble for 12 years, and AFB International for 8 years. He has owned his own business for the past 5 years where he offers consulting services for flavor and product development. Doug graduated summa cum laude from Columbia College with degrees in Chemistry and Biology.